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Serving Upstate New York........Since 2006

   NYS Licensed Home Inspections 
NYS Home Inspection License #16000002892 

What is a Home Inspection?

In general, a home inspection is a comprehensive visual inspection/evaluation of the accessible major elements of the home, performed in accordance with the NY State Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. 


We walk the entire home, including the grounds, and take note of areas of concern. Photos are taken. We then provide you with a complete report (including photos) describing areas of concern.

Areas which may require repairs, or not performing as designed, include but not limited to: Exterior, Grounds, Roof, Foundation, Basement, Heating Systems, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Interior Rooms, Attics.
We encourage clients to attend the inspection, walk along during the process. Once you receive the report, usually within 24 hrs, you can then decide if you want to go forward as planned, renegotiate the price, ask for some credit to correct areas of concern, or walk away. The choice is yours.

We simply give you the facts as we see them.
The rest is up to you. 

Our Property Inspection Report is clear & concise,
including photos of areas of concern
Below you'll find examples of how items are reported to you.  


We also offer other services, such as:
Lead Paint Inspections, Mold Assessments, and Radon Testing.
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Our Licensing


NYS Home Inspection License #16000002892
NYS Mold Assessor # 00142
EPA Risk Assessor License # NY-R_13541-4
EPA Lead Inspector License #  1-1151836
EPA Certified Firm License # NY-14855-7  


For 3rd Party Lead Wipe Testing
( req'd by City of Rochester) 
Please visit our lead paint site
for important information
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We are licensed to provide  NYS Mold Assessments
Residential Mold Assessments ....Starting at $300 
For a mold assessment, please call 585-721-7770  
Mold Inspector  *  Mold Assessments * Mold Inspections 

Call us today at  585-721-7770
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The EPA RRP Rule  *
The EPA RRP Rule  *  Renovation Rule *
 RRP Training * Renovation Rule *
Lead paint law for Contractors * Remodelers
New painting law for Contractors and Remodelers
RRP on-line certification training * Renovation Rule online training New York * On-Line EPA Renovator Certification
Mold Assessment - NYS Licensed Mold Assessor - Mold Inspection   
Investment Property Rochester, NY   

Lead test * 3rd party Clearance Exams * Lead paint Risk Assessment * Home Inspection * Radon

The EPA RRP Rule  *  Renovation Rule *
The EPA RRP Rule  *
Lead based paint testing services
Mold Inspection * Mold assessment * NYS Mold Assessor Lic #00133  
Home inspection * Radon testing *
Rochester, New York
Lead paint law for Contractors * Remodelers
New painting law for Contractors and Remodelers
Mold Inspection  - Mold assessment  

We are certified NYS Home Inspection Firm License # 16000002892

NYS Licensed Mold Assessor # 00133 
Mold Assessment - Mold Inspection 
Email us @   info@leadpaintpros.com 
Interstate Property Inspections * 7 Stillmeadow Drive * Rochester, New York 14624
Phone: (585) 721-7770
Lead based Paint Testing * XRF Testing * Lead Paint Clearance Exams * Home Inspections * XRF Testing * 3rd Party Dust Wipe Testing * Mold Assessment
Mold Assessor - Mold Inspection
Lead paint law for Contractors * Remodelers
New painting law for Contractors and Remodelers
Mold Assessment * Mold Testing * Mold Inspection 

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